Tips for Selling Your Home

Ready to  sell your home?  Selling a home can be very intimidating and stressful.  A realtor can help!  When you are ready to begin the process,  here are a few tips to keep in mind to reduce some of the stress and anxiety associated with selling a home:


1—Find a realtor—that’s me!   Licensed realtors have professional knowledge and skills to help make this process easier.

Call, text (276-762-9489) or email ( so that I can help you!


3—Meet with me to discuss your property and a listing price.

Signing an Exclusive Authorization to Sell contract at this time helps define the relationship between you and your realtor.   It lists expectations and requirements, including compensation and the time frame you plan to list your home.


4—As your realtor, I  will advertise your property on multiple sources, including print, internet and social media.  I will also organize an open house for buyers and other realtors.

5—As buyers become interested and make offers, we will meet to discuss the terms involved.  Buyers will submit a signed contract, stating any contingencies and their purchase offer.  Some negotiation may be involved, and once all terms are agreed upon, both owner and buyer sign it.


6— Once everyone signs the contract, listing purchase price,  the buyer’s lender will have requirements about appraisals, etc.  At this point, you just wait.

7—Once the lender finishes, the purchase is completed via the closing process, which is usually a few weeks after the offer is accepted!